Details for Phage Gamma
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Detailed Information for Phage Gamma
Discovery Information
Found ByBrown, E. and Cherry, W
Year Found1955
Location FoundChamblee, GA USA
ProgramObtained from GenBank & Publication
From enriched soil sample?No
GPS CoordinatesUnavailable
Discovery NotesGamma is the third mutant version of phage W isolated from Bacillus cereus strain W. Used to discriminate between B. anthracis and other B. cereus group spp.

See: Brown ER, Cherry WB (1955) Specific identification of bacillus anthracis by means of a variant bacteriophage. J Infect Dis 96(1):34–39.
Sequencing Information
Sequencing Complete?Yes
Date Sequencing CompletedOct 5, 2005
Sequencing FacilityOther
Shotgun Sequencing MethodSanger
Approximate Shotgun Coverage34
Genome length (bp)37253
GC Content35.2%
Character of genome ends3' Sticky Overhang
Overhang Length9 bp
Overhang SequenceCGCCGCCCC
End Determination NotesPCR.

See: Fouts DE, et al. (2006) Sequencing Bacillus anthracis typing phages gamma and cherry reveals a common ancestry. J Bacteriol 188(9):3402–3408.
Fasta file available?Yes: Download fasta file
Final annotation complete?Yes
Number of Genes53
Has been Phamerated?No
Uploaded to GenBank?Yes: NC_007458.1