Details for Phage Goe2
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Detailed Information for Phage Goe2
Discovery Information
Found ByRobert Hertel
Year Found2014
Location FoundGöttingen, Germany
Finding InstitutionUniversity of Goettingen
ProgramObtained from GenBank & Publication
From enriched soil sample?No
GPS Coordinates51.554278 N, 9.918611 E Map
Discovery NotesIsolated from: filtered supernatant of centrifuged raw sewage collected from municipal treatment plant.

See: Willms IM, Hoppert M, Hertel R. 2017. Characterization of Bacillus Subtilis Viruses vB_BsuM-Goe2 and vB_BsuM-Goe3. Viruses 9.
Naming NotesFull name: vB_BsuM-Goe2, from virus of bacteria, Bsu for the host organism B. subtilis, M for the virus family Myoviridae as per Kropinski, 2009
Sequencing Information
Sequencing Complete?Yes
Date Sequencing CompletedDec 20, 2017
Sequencing FacilityOther
Shotgun Sequencing MethodIllumina Sequencing
Approximate Shotgun Coverage283
Genome length (bp)146141
GC Content40.3%
Character of genome endsDirect Terminal Repeat
End Determination NotesSanger sequence read intensity
Fasta file available?Yes: Download fasta file
Plaque Notes~1.1 mm turbid plaques with a halo, when grown on B. subtilis d6 overnight at 30°C
Final annotation complete?Yes
Number of Genes226
Number of tRNAs4
Has been Phamerated?No
Uploaded to GenBank?Yes: KY368639
Available Files
EM PictureDownload