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Details for Phage SPP1
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Detailed Information for Phage SPP1
Discovery Information
Found ByRiva et al
Year Found1968
Location FoundPavia, Italy
ProgramObtained from GenBank & Publication
From enriched soil sample?Unknown
GPS Coordinates45.185997 N, 9.155495 E Map
Discovery NotesIsolated from soil

See: Riva S, Polsinelli M, Falaschi A (1968) A new phage of Bacillus subtilis with infectious DNA having separable strands. J Mol Biol 35(2):347–56.
Sequencing Information
Sequencing Complete?Yes
Date Sequencing CompletedMay 19, 1996
Sequencing FacilityOther
Genome length (bp)44010
GC Content43.7%
Character of genome endsCircularly Permuted
Fasta file available?Yes: Download fasta file
Final annotation complete?Yes
Number of Genes97
Has been Phamerated?No
Uploaded to GenBank?Yes: NC_004166.2
Available Files
EM PictureDownload